Interface Sketch: Asana Task-ware Sequence

The well designed task-ware website that I chose to sketch is Asana ( It is a free project management web application that I just started using this week. The task I sketched out was the addition of a new project and a new task within that project. There were only 4 page transitions in this... Continue Reading →

Digital Stretch Quest: Chatroulette

For my social strength quest I decided to go on a solo mission to Chatroulette. Which, as a woman, is very uncomfortable because of the impression from most people that it is just full of horny guys that want to show off to someone... Before Uncomforability Scale: 4 I connected to Chatroulette at school, so that probably added... Continue Reading →

Interface Sketch: Redesign of Tips ProShop brochure-ware site

The terribly designed brochure-ware website I decided to re-work was actually for my mothers small business called Tips ProShop (a billiard retailing and servicing company). Below is my newly designed sketch and a screenshot of the original home page. Webpage URL: This Design works well because... Relevant graphics and cohesive graphics are incorporated into design Hierarchy is clear in design... Continue Reading →

Project Prep: Idea Brainstorm

After doing a broad -anything goes- brainstorm (feature image above), I organized my top 20 topic picks into categories and subcategories (human, culture, consumerism, and environment) that were very commonly overlapped. I then placed the above mentioned top themes into a pros and cons table, presented below.  Topic  Pro  Con  Gender in Film  - data... Continue Reading →

Interface Sketches: CAP HPI Brochure-ware Site

The well designed brochure-ware website I landed on was the cap hpi (automotive data & technology) website. Below is my sketch and a screenshot of the home page. Webpage URL: Why this design works well... Hierarchy is clear between headings, body text and iconography (while still falling under the brand styles/colours) Text is large enough to... Continue Reading →

Statistical Story

Five statistics I found interesting on the Statistics Canada website Women account for a larger share of graduates with a degree in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics compared with their counterparts of previous generations. Doubling from 15% to 35% in 2015 and for men only increasing from 19% to 30% over the same period 46% of... Continue Reading →

Design Concept Statement

For our project on tension in design, I chose to design my magazine spread surrounding a New York Times article by Bruce Feiler titled The Art of Condolence. "grace of expression counts for nothing; sincerity alone is of value" The article is formatted as a list of tips to proper condolence - focusing on how its been... Continue Reading →

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