Five things I notice while looking at this moodboard Candid photos Contrast between background content (focus on content) Layers of information (time/categories) Maps are presented as illuminating networks - complex systems Focus points for content points in map - physical tags, geotags, and illuminated circles

The badly-designed site I chose to redesign for this exercise was the Reachire ( non-profit job centre/board. The task executed in this redesign is to, as a new employer, register and submit a job posting. The companies mission is to attract qualified and interested applicants to work for non-profit companies. The current version of the... Continue Reading →

Digital Stretch Quest: Chatroulette

For my social strength quest I decided to go on a solo mission to Chatroulette. Which, as a woman, is very uncomfortable because of the impression from most people that it is just full of horny guys that want to show off to someone... Before Uncomforability Scale: 4 I connected to Chatroulette at school, so that probably added... Continue Reading →

Interface Sketch: Redesign of terrible brochure-ware site

The terribly designed brochure-ware website I decided to re-work was actually for my mothers small business called Tips ProShop (a billiard retailing and servicing company). Below is my newly designed sketch and a screenshot of the original home page. Webpage URL: This Design works well because... Relevant graphics and cohesive graphics are incorporated into design Hierarchy is clear in design... Continue Reading →

Project Prep: Idea Brainstorm

After doing a broad -anything goes- brainstorm (feature image above), I organized my top 20 topic picks into categories and subcategories (human, culture, consumerism, and environment) that were very commonly overlapped. I then placed the above mentioned top themes into a pros and cons table, presented below.  Topic  Pro  Con  Gender in Film  - data... Continue Reading →

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