Project Prep: Attribute Spreadsheet

For this interactive visualization I decided to collect the first name, age (current), memory, word count, memory tags (topic), location of memory, date and time of memory, weather during the time of the memory, and the headline of the day of the memory. I thought it was important to experience the memories of shared spaces by... Continue Reading →


Project Prep: Developing a Concept Statement

Potential Concept Statements: The stories you didn't know you were apart of. Our stories, our spaces. We lack compassion for the spaces around us. Connecting through the intimate truths of shared spaces. Travelling from disconnect to enlightenment. We're defined by the intimacies of our environment. Intimate connections turn disconnect into enlightenment. Invisible connections. The path... Continue Reading →

Five things I notice while looking at this moodboard Candid photos Contrast between background content (focus on content) Layers of information (time/categories) Maps are presented as illuminating networks - complex systems Focus points for content points in map - physical tags, geotags, and illuminated circles

Project Prep: Idea Brainstorm

After doing a broad -anything goes- brainstorm (feature image above), I organized my top 20 topic picks into categories and subcategories (human, culture, consumerism, and environment) that were very commonly overlapped. I then placed the above mentioned top themes into a pros and cons table, presented below.  Topic  Pro  Con  Gender in Film  - data... Continue Reading →

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