Interface Sketch: Redesign of Selfiecity Interactive Visualization

The interactive visualization I decided to redesign is The Selfiexploratory ( It analyzes selfies from the web and applies various attributions to them. I thought it was a cool concept to see just how similar selfies are, and how emotion, and gender can be determined by a computer analysis. Below is my redesign. In this... Continue Reading →


Interface Sketch: Project Ukko Interactive Visualization

For this week's sketching exercise I found a well designed interactive design. Project Ukko ( visualizes seasonal wind predictions for the energy sector. Why this design works well... The legends helps to unify symbols of skill, speed, change, and power of wind - useful for people who are not familiar with this type of visualization... Continue Reading →

This weeks exercise was to redesign myMRU. myMRU is a web-based higher education software system run by Ellucian. It is meant to manage and store information for students and institutions - in this case for myself and Mount Royal University. The redesign I sketched (below) focused primarily on adding customization features and more consistent headings. The... Continue Reading →

Interface Sketch: Facebook Redesign

For this exercised I was tasked with redesigning the Facebook landing page. Facebook is a social networking site that serves as a platform to give people the power to share and make the world a more inclusive space. Below is my redesigned wireframe sketch of the Facebook landing page. In order to focus on the... Continue Reading →

The badly-designed site I chose to redesign for this exercise was the Reachire ( non-profit job centre/board. The task executed in this redesign is to, as a new employer, register and submit a job posting. The companies mission is to attract qualified and interested applicants to work for non-profit companies. The current version of the... Continue Reading →

Interface Sketch: Redesign of Tips ProShop brochure-ware site

The terribly designed brochure-ware website I decided to re-work was actually for my mothers small business called Tips ProShop (a billiard retailing and servicing company). Below is my newly designed sketch and a screenshot of the original home page. Webpage URL: This Design works well because... Relevant graphics and cohesive graphics are incorporated into design Hierarchy is clear in design... Continue Reading →

Interface Sketches: CAP HPI Brochure-ware Site

The well designed brochure-ware website I landed on was the cap hpi (automotive data & technology) website. Below is my sketch and a screenshot of the home page. Webpage URL: Why this design works well... Hierarchy is clear between headings, body text and iconography (while still falling under the brand styles/colours) Text is large enough to... Continue Reading →

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