Physical Stretch Quest: Fast Calm App

This strength quest relates to a physical (kind of mental) digital experience. In this stretch quest I am putting my generalized anxiety disorder out on display for the purpose of this stretch quest. Considering this is a publicly shared site that gets more attention than I want it to, this is pretty uncomfortable to me. I have spent the last week bed ridden from health issues that could be caused from stress, and it only felt fitting that my physical interaction be something that could be used to calm me down.

Uncomfortability Scale: 3

Photo on 2017-04-13 at 12.22 AM #5.jpg

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During my experience with this app I realized.. there is absolutely nothing to it (besides a timer for breathing) … it was kind of disappointing. I felt the breathing was weirdly timed and I know for a fact if I was in a full blown panic attack there is no way I’m playing with those settings to perfect the timing when it feels like my chest will fall in on me at any moment.

Uncomforability Scale: 3

Unfortunately, this is sort of why I was uncomfortable to try it in the first place. Failed attempts only further aggravate panic and anxiety… maybe better luck next time.


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