Professional Stretch Quest: Instagram DMed a UX Designer

For this professional strength quest I decided to contact someone in the field I hope to work in, User Experience. I contacted a fourth year information design student that works as a User Experience Designer at Critical Mass on Instagram (because honestly I couldn’t find her anywhere else but Linkedin – and I didn’t want to pay for a premium subscription just to message to her). This was mostly uncomfortable because I’ve never DMed (direct message) a girl to tell her she is cool and would love to learn chat with her to learn about her life.

Uncomfortability Scale: 4


Overall, the experience was successful in my opinion. She was (rightly) confused by how I heard about her, and was pretty busy this week, so we will be meeting next week! It feels like a blind date sort of; you hear a little bit about the person from other people but you’ve never had a conversation of any kind previously.

Uncomfortability Scale: 3.9

I am still uncomfortable about the situation because I still have yet to meet her. I am sure it will be far less nerve wracking after it happens, but social anxiety a lot of the time gets the best of me in situations like this. After online creeping to try to find her, I will at least find some things to talk about.

I did not ask her for permission to post her name or photo, which is why the identity of this person is anonymous.


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