Interface Sketch: Redesign of Selfiecity Interactive Visualization

The interactive visualization I decided to redesign is The Selfiexploratory ( It analyzes selfies from the web and applies various attributions to them.


I thought it was a cool concept to see just how similar selfies are, and how emotion, and gender can be determined by a computer analysis. Below is my redesign.


In this redesign, I decided to put the selfies (the object being filtered) first, so that the focus is kept on the objects rather than the filtering features. In the filter menu I ensured the filtering was consistent using a sliding scale or button selection design, which is familiar to most users universally. In the gender section I added options that are not male and female to better represent the world’s various gender identities. I scaled the filters so that the user may look for selfies that are between a range of different attributes (rather than just tilted or not tilted). This makes a much more definitive searching process.



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