Curiosity Conversation Stretch Quest: New Family

This last week I completed one very uncomfortable stretch quest consisting of a digital curiosity conversation with my biological dad. He has been out of my life since I was 2 years old, meaning I have absolutely no recollection of him whatsoever. I was never really interested in knowing him or really felt like I was missing something without him so contacting him wasn’t something I needed but more something I was curious about.

Uncomfortability Scale: 5

My first step was to add him on Facebook. It was a strange feeling to add a “friend” when in reality he is somewhat of a stranger to me. He messaged me instantaneously after accepting my request and we talked on both Facebook messenger and on the phone. It was interesting to find out I have two younger sisters, and one of them also just contacted him this year. We talked about both of our good, bad, and ugly things in our life experiences. As soon as this happened, my two sisters messaged and added me on Facebook.

facebook image


Uncomfortability Scale: 4

I learned that as ready for talking to him, or dissociated from the concept of a father I was, it still made me very anxious and uncomfortable. It could be that I never really realized the seriousness of this action because of how easy it was to just press a button. The fact that I could build an instant connection/family between 3 people, with a 1-second action, that were otherwise strangers to me is evident that the impact of the internet and social media is life changing.

It’s interesting to think that the click of one button, or typing a few letters on a screen, is enough to change a relationship, career, or life.


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