Digital Stretch Quest: CBC Ideas Podcast

This strength quest relates to a mental digital experience. For me the action of listening to a podcast is not all that uncomfortable, I’ve only done it maybe twice (once for this class and once to hear a friend after he had died). I have never gone out of my way to seek a podcast I find interesting, nor do I even listen to the radio. The concept of doing something I wouldn’t normally do, spending time learning something new at a time where my brain is running thin, and making time to listen to the podcast at a time where I need to schedule when I sleep makes the situation very uncomfortable.

Uncomfortability Scale: 3

Listening to this podcast was both interesting and incredibly boring. I know for a fact that I am not a primarily audible learner and this experience only proved this. I picked this podcast because the ideas behind creating a “better wold” are intriguing to me. I did not expect the podcast to be as political as it was.

The two things that I found most interesting in the hour of interviews was the rise of longer work days and need for socialized education, likely because they resonate most with me. Longer work days are directly related to the connotation that working LONGER means BETTER outputs, when most studies prove that SHORTER work days are MORE productive/creative outputs. He says that society believes if you aren’t busy then you aren’t seen as successful, everything is all about status. The speaker was promoting the ideology of education (primary and secondary) being funded by the government. In Finland, education is free and wage is not seen as the only value you receive from a job, instead they are interested in the respect from the community (something gained by perceived contribution – teachers highly respected). In my opinion this would result in a more humble and intellectual society. Honestly, it made me want to move to Finland…


Uncomforability Scale: 1

My comfort levels rose because I got through it without much distain and I was able to listen to the podcast on my colder-longer-than-normal transit ride home. This way I didn’t have to set aside extra time to listen to it. I liked being able to engage in community and research without the act of searching the library.

A positive from this experience is that I found something productive to do while on transit other than listen to music, because anything else only results in motion sickness.


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