Interface Sketch: Asana Task-ware Sequence

The well designed task-ware website that I chose to sketch is Asana ( It is a free project management web application that I just started using this week. The task I sketched out was the addition of a new project and a new task within that project. There were only 4 page transitions in this task.



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Why this design works well…

  • White space within the project/task window makes the lists look less cluttered. Which is important for a project management application to ensure the user does not feel overwhelmed.
  • Navigation bar on the left is where all of the important tools/links are, which are called to my attention by being highlighted with a darker colour
  • Sans-serif font used within the website makes for easy reading
  • Use of rule helps me to understand the layout of the website
  • Buttons are obvious by ensuring they are either a filled in or outlined in a contrasting colour to the background
  • Iconography is consistent, which makes it easy to determine what attributes are connected to a certain project at any point in my navigation

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