Project Prep: Idea Brainstorm

After doing a broad -anything goes- brainstorm (feature image above), I organized my top 20 topic picks into categories and subcategories (human, culture, consumerism, and environment) that were very commonly overlapped.


I then placed the above mentioned top themes into a pros and cons table, presented below.

 Topic  Pro  Con
 Gender in Film  – data dependent on existing materials  – gender is fluid and not easy to label without being possibly offensive
 Diets  – familiar subject (gluten-free/vegan)

– rise in health popularity, lots of diets to choose from

– interest in this subject is mild and could get boring
 Defining Moments – involved data

– exciting to work with

– dependent on other people’s participation, which could cause delay / hard to reach deadlines
Waste – could be an eyeopener for viewer – is waste measured consistently across the globe? inconsistencies could cause misleading data visualization
Aboriginal Culture – hopefully enlightening to myself and others

– would like to spend a semester looking into this subject

– sources are not always subjective

– hard to perform secondary (in-person) data collection

Crosswords – looking for answer keys for a period of time is achievable

-i find it interesting

– not as life changing as i’d hope for a semester project
Screen Time – likely very eyeopening, just how bad is the screen obsession – who really wants to admit exactly how much time we look at screens? (misrepresented numbers in data)
Traffic – i like the idea of tracking movement (transportation)

– figuring out how “hustle and bustle” we really are

– unsure if this kind of data is tracked? especially human movement?
Baby Names – easy to find datasets online – topic is not that fulfilling
Housing – I am interesting in learning if all these building / constant construction is actually useful

– comparing cost and vacancy to figure out causation?

– data being transparent, aka what characteristics determine a vacant space? (landlord/no tenant?)

– could get dry after a while

Cell Phone Apps – data is presented on only a couple of sites (easy to find)

– finding out popularity would be interesting for me to see just how the majority use smartphones (personal interest)

– overlapping app names from android and apple users

– presumably large dataset to deal with

Wealth – visualizing just how bad the wealth disparity is (insight) – broad subject that would need narrowing down

– been done before/hard to find unique way of presenting

Climate Change – helping to visualize and convince people of the truths behind climate change – political views seem to influence researcher opinion (being subjective is difficult)
People – the topic i’m most interested in

– a TON of data on this subject

– useful for many people

– a ton of data to deal with in such a short period of time (time consuming)
Communism – figuring out the truth and differing ideologies behind this broad political genre – research, lots of dense text research
Colour in Design – interesting to find out what is popular when

– interesting to me to see the connection between design and culture

– hard to find a way to search out designs (especially historical ones) not on the web
Changing Film  – fun research

– visual subject (opportunity for design)

 – not an expert and could miss the smaller elements of change in film
Mental Health – family related interest (investment in subject)

– learning from it

– research heavy
 Music – more fun research

– without researching I can tell it is a definite topic for investigation (changing trends & genre development)

– hard to find ALL music, mostly when not shared online

– assigning a genre to songs that are ahead its time or mixed

 News/Media – related to my degree and the research I am already doing for other classes – sometimes the data I am searching for is hidden (political views & anonymous sources)

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