Design Concept Statement

For our project on tension in design, I chose to design my magazine spread surrounding a New York Times article by Bruce Feiler titled The Art of Condolence.

“grace of expression counts for nothing; sincerity alone is of value”

The article is formatted as a list of tips to proper condolence – focusing on how its been approached wrong all along, especially now (social media). This argument is backed up by people who have needed and received condolence in times of grief, sharing how the format of condolence affected their experiences. My original concept statement was

Condolence isn’t about your comfort

This statement represents the big picture concept of the article, whereas condolence is regularly insincere by fear of discomfort. The statement was heading in the right direct but still needed some work. The feedback I received was that

  • the statement should not describe what “isn’t”, it is hard to visualize something that isn’t
  • possibly incorporating how the primary concern is avoidance, therefore sacraficing discomfort for insincere condolence

My concept statement is now

digital generation: the escape artists of condolence.

  • Synecdoche is used by refering to the “digital generation” as the issue of the present generation who use social media to insincerely condole
  • Allegory is used by subsituting “escape artists” to represent the sneaky/avoiding nature to which this generation handles condolence

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