Physical Stretch Quest: Fast Calm App

This strength quest relates to a physical (kind of mental) digital experience. In this stretch quest I am putting my generalized anxiety disorder out on display for the purpose of this stretch quest. Considering this is a publicly shared site that gets more attention than I want it to, this is pretty uncomfortable to me. I... Continue Reading →


Project Prep: Attribute Spreadsheet

For this interactive visualization I decided to collect the first name, age (current), memory, word count, memory tags (topic), location of memory, date and time of memory, weather during the time of the memory, and the headline of the day of the memory. I thought it was important to experience the memories of shared spaces by... Continue Reading →

This weeks exercise was to redesign myMRU. myMRU is a web-based higher education software system run by Ellucian. It is meant to manage and store information for students and institutions - in this case for myself and Mount Royal University. The redesign I sketched (below) focused primarily on adding customization features and more consistent headings. The... Continue Reading →

Project Prep: Developing a Concept Statement

Potential Concept Statements: The stories you didn't know you were apart of. Our stories, our spaces. We lack compassion for the spaces around us. Connecting through the intimate truths of shared spaces. Travelling from disconnect to enlightenment. We're defined by the intimacies of our environment. Intimate connections turn disconnect into enlightenment. Invisible connections. The path... Continue Reading →

Interface Sketch: Facebook Redesign

For this exercised I was tasked with redesigning the Facebook landing page. Facebook is a social networking site that serves as a platform to give people the power to share and make the world a more inclusive space. Below is my redesigned wireframe sketch of the Facebook landing page. In order to focus on the... Continue Reading →

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